Food.  Is.  Fuel. 

But, trust me.  I get it.  It’s that and SO much more.  Food can be Love.  Food can be comfort.  Food can be celebratory.  Food can be boring.  Food can be addictive.  Food can be anxiety provoking.  Food can be complicated and confusing.  Recognizing and holding a little curiosity about your relationship with food often unveils some invaluable information on how to better serve yourself. 

Accessing an integrated approach to fueling ourselves (learning the science behind food, our relationship with it, how it interplays with our lives and lifestyles, etc.) creates an opportunity for food to take on new meaning and to elevate us towards a more fully integrated self.

These blogs highlight the different pieces of the integral nutrition pie.  Read on, share your thoughts, and enjoy!

The Problem with Picky Eating

IMG 4008

Lili, gettin' her adventurous eats on with avocado.  

It likely started when you wrinkled your nose and squished your face in disgust after mouthing a spoonful of baby food veggies.  After the third attempt to get the dang stuff to stay in despite your protesting tongue and grimacing little mug, your parents threw their hands up in the air and deemed you don't like veggies.  …